Membership of the BLBG


During the difficulties of the last few years, all those representing a British company here, or a Lebanese company with actual or potential links to the UK has been welcomed at meetings and this will continue to be the case.


Any of the following specific criteria will be considered as grounds for seeking membership

British citizens (including dual nationals) working in Lebanon.

Owners and employees of companies, operating in Lebanon, which are subsidiaries, agents, distributors or dealers of British products or services.

Lebanese Chevening scholars and or fellows, either graduates of that program or current holders of awards.

Owners and employees of companies operating in Lebanon which have significant financial, management or administrative links to British companies.

History of the BLBG


At the end of the Civil war in 1990, Lebanon began a long process of re-financing, rebuilding and infrastructure reconstruction. As British citizens and companies began to bid for and to win contracts, there was a need for networking and information sharing.


In response to this need, the British Business Group (BBG) was formed under the leadership of Val Tudbull, but become defunct at the end of the millennium as the first wave of contracts completed.


The British Social Group (BSG) continued to address some of the needs, but it too folded after its founder, Graeme Scott, left Lebanon.


The BLBG was started in 2002, with the express intention of providing a networking capability for both British business people and Lebanese with British business or links. It was put onto a formal footing in 2005 with the support of the embassy; a committee of six (later seven) were elected and plans developed in response to the stated needs of the group's supporters.


The group has continued to function through thick and thin and we continue to enjoy interesting meetings on a  wide range of topics including outstanding presentations from finance, government and business sectors, both Lebanese and British.


The group is well positioned through a range of formal and informal contacts to assist those considering participating in the business life here, as well as those already involved in it.


We are fortunate to have banking support from Credit Libanais, administrative support from Rafik el-Khoury & partners, web-site support from Anthony Ussher, sponsorship from British Airways and continued backing from the British Embassy.


With thanks to Phillipa Mishlawi of "the Middle East Reporter" for much of the early history.