Some Simple Guidelines


Today, the British Lebanese Business Group (BLBG) operates as an informal organization with each event or activity either being self-funding, donated or sponsored. While active consideration is being given to registration as an NGO, until such time as the status of the group changes, certain words are used solely as convenient labels and should not be taken to have any other implied intrinsic meaning. Such words are listed immediately hereafter.


"Member" is used to mean any regular attendee of the monthly last Tuesday gatherings. "Committee" is used to mean that group of people who work to organize events, maintain contact lists, develop and maintain this web-site and organize other activities from time to time for members and their guests.


As a group, the BLBG intends to operate with the following guiding principles.


All information concerning members, except name and company, will be considered as personal information and treated according to the spirit of the UK Data Protection act.


No distinction will be made on the grounds of gender, age, race, religion or disability.


All information given by speakers, whether members or guests, at events will be considered strictly confidential unless the speaker indicates otherwise.


Members are expected to abide by the above simple code. Transgressions will be considered for action by the committee, and may lead to invitations to attend some or all future events being withdrawn.


Code of ethics