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Next Meeting


The BLBG is very pleased to announce that Mr Roger Eddé, well known Lebanese Politician and Businessman, will be our principle guest speaker on Thursday 15th March. Our hosts and sponsors for this event will be the Eddé group of companies. As always we will start at 6:30 p.m.

An RSVP to Maguy Philippe before midday 14th is needed as the location will only be sent to those who have responded, for obvious security reasons. Please note it will be held in the Beirut area.

Mr. Eddé has been an active politician since 1958. He has managed to combine this with real estate development and financial investment particularly in and around Byblos.  He founded the Lebanese Peace Party and became its president in 2006: the party remains part of the March 14th bloc. Passionate about private financing of major infrastructure projects, like power stations and airports, he has an ongoing campaign to get the Lebanese government and Lebanese business elite to join him and make it work. His chosen topic is “The Private/Public Sectors Partnership Challenges”. The timing is perfect with Lebanese elections on the radar screen.

We look forward to an informative and lively event.